About me and this blog

Hello, my name is Dominika and I am mum to a sweet 15-month-old little girl, who we are raising to be trilingual. She hears Polish from me, French from my husband, English from when I respond to my husband (he recently switched to speaking 99% French at home, even to me), from crèche and the rest of the country.

This blog is about out trilingual journey set in Ireland, where each of us is traveling on their own language path. Baby learns three languages. Hubby (called F. in this blog) and I learn out respective languages while trying to improve out English and not loose out on proficiency in our native languages.. :) When everyone has all three down, we may move onto learning Spanish or Potugese or something :) to understand our beloved Salsa and Tango songs.

Since I have discovered a new interest in early education through play, I am also starting to write posts about the activities we engage in, which are based on such methods as Montessori and Early Reading by Syllables (Metoda Krakowska – Cracow Method / Simoultaneous-sequential method.)

My blog is currently written in Polish, but to make things easier to navigate I have left the menus in English and also implemented a few post labels/tags in English. This way even non-Polish speakers will be able to locate my toddler activities posts (that are usually accompanied by an array of photos) and to “borrow” ideas if they like them, to teach their toddler how to read vowels etc.

Hope you enjoy and come back again soon.

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